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About a Boy - Nick Hornby

About a Boy - Nick Hornby

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This is a hip, smart, funny and touching account of a thirty-something, unmarried and very cool Londoner, Will Lightman, whose search for eligible young women leads him to invent a young son so as to join S.P.A.T. - Single Parents Alone Together - a support group for single parents. As he is incredibly superficial - and proud of it - this appears at first to be the perfect solution. A place to meet beautiful, available, somewhat desperate women with whom he can have brief affairs, but who will eventually dump him in favor of someone more suitable. The complications set in when Will meets Marcus - a twelve year-old who is everything Will is not - and for whom being cool seems an impossible goal. He and Marcus form an improbable relationship and once he lets this boy into his life, he finds that not only is he capable of getting close to another person, but that it can be a good thing as well.
  • Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books