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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Readers don&t expect literary genius from Sheldon, but they do expect to be entertained, and once again the popular TV-producer-turned-storyteller delivers the goods. When four top scientists at the imposing think tank KIG wind up dead in four different parts of the world, is it coincidence? Two of the victims& wives-the elegant artist, Diane, who just testified against a Mob boss, and the gorgeous model Kelly, who flew to New York from Paris at the behest of her dead husband&s boss-inadvertently meet, and they find themselves connected because someone is apparently trying to kill them, too. It could be the Mob underlings who promised retribution against Diane for having testified against their Godfather. Or is it possible the women&s husbands were so deep into their secret project for KIG that they may have been a threat to its secrecy, and now the wives must die, too? This novel is short on character development and long on cliched literary techniques, but it is, nevertheless, the best kind of guilty pleasure.