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Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia

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"Stella Rothchild loves everything about her new job as manager of In the Garden nursery. She appreciates her new, no-nonsense boss, ""Roz"" Harper, and she doesn&t even mind living with Roz at Harper House, despite the fact that the ghost of the ""Harper Bride"" reportedly haunts the historic mansion. When a young and pregnant Hayley Phillips, a distant relative of Roz&s, shows up at Harper House, she becomes a valued friend. The only thing Stella doesn&t like about her situation is the ruggedly sexy yet completely annoying landscaper, Logan. Despite Stella&s best efforts to develop a professional working relationship with him, he seems to have little time and no patience for her efforts to reorganize the nursery. Then Logan completely disrupts Stella&s careful plans for her future by asking her out."
  • Ilość stron: 368
  • Wydawnictwo: Jove Books, New York
  • Format: 110 x 170