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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

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This is a stand-alone textbook concentrating on core topics in finance. It builds from no knowledge up to intermediate knowledge. The aim is to build an integrated understanding of the three decision areas in finance: investment, financing, and the dividend decision. These themes are introduced in an introductory chapter and explored in the following chapters with reference to the overall picture given in the Introduction. Finally, three integrated chapters cover acquisitions and restructuring, the management of interest rate and exchange rate risk, and international investment decisions. The book is particularly aimed at courses where lecturers are teaching under time constraints and need to concentrate on essentials only. The book is well illustrated and very strong pedagogically, with an excellent supplements package. Numerous FT case vignettes are used to bring a real-world perspective to the subject. Features and Benefits - covers 10 core topics and three additional topics in depth suitable for undergraduate study - pedagogically strong, including learning objectives, diagrams, academic literature references, worked examples, FT case vignettes, key points, recommended reading, short and long questions with answers, long questions with answers given in a Lecturer&s Guide - excellent support package for lecturers, including test bank, solutions, and OHT masters
  • Ilość stron: 455
  • Wydawnictwo: Pitman Publishing