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The legend of Cira and her gold intrudes once again on Jane MacGuire&s life. In Blind Alley, the streetwise adopted daughter of forensic sculptor Eve Duncan and Atlanta detective Joe Quinn became a serial killer&s pawn. Now she&s a target for terrorists who believe she has the key to a lost treasure. When one of Jane&s childhood friends is killed, she realizes that she must find out why, especially when, as before, Scotland Yard&s handsome Mark Trevor becomes involved. He has tried to keep Jane out of his latest escapade, but he swoops in to the rescue, bringing her to Scotland to keep her safe. Never completely on the right side of the law, Jane questions Trevor&s motives while trying to keep in check the sexual tension between them as they try to quell a deranged madman who is after Trevor and the lost treasure. Along the way, Jane discovers that many people are trying to find the truth about Cira, and that Jane herself is perceived as the reincarnation of that fabled Roman figure. Johansen delivers a top-notch sequel filled with great chases, original characters, and intricate plot twists, creating a unique supernatural twist on the classic thriller.
  • Ilość stron: 406
  • Wydawnictwo: Bantam Press
  • Format: 160 x 235