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"As a writer, Coetzee is a literary cascade, with a steady output of fiction and criticism (literary and social) over the last two decades. This latest book, his first novel in five years, is a searing evocation of post-apartheid South Africa, it earned him an unprecedented second Booker Prize. An uninspired teacher and twice divorced, David Lurie is a 52-year-old poetry scholar-cum-""adjunct professor of communications"" at Cape Technical University. Spooked by the flicker of twilight in his life trajectory, he sees himself as an aged Lothario soon to be ""shuddered over"" by the pretty girls he has so often wooed, he is disappointed in and unengaged by the academy he now serves by rote, and he cannot locate the notes for his opera, Byron in Italy, in which he has placed so much reluctant hope. He is, even at his best, a man of ""moderated bliss."" So when he seduces Melanie Isaacs, a lithe student from his poetry elective (""She does not resist. All she does is avert herself""), he believes her to represent the final object of his desire, his last act of lush, Romantic desperation."
  • Wydawnictwo: Vintage U.K.
  • Format: 110 x 180