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Diving & Snorkeling Baja California 1e

Diving & Snorkeling Baja California 1e

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Blessed with two lengthy and very different coastlines, the Baja Peninsula has a virtually unmatched range of underwater environments. Off its Pacific shores, divers and snorkelers can explore thriving kelp forests and observe cool-water marine life. The Sea of Cortez offers prolific temperate and tropical marine life, colonies of playful sea lions, historical shipwrecks and even a coral reef. The sourthern Cortez and the Revillagigedos attract divers who come to experience close-up encounters with hammerhead sharks and manta rays. This book describes 53 of Baja California&s best dive sites, with full colour photos throughout.Dive site depth range and water conditionsmarine life descriptions and behaviourdriving directions and advice for independent diverscomprehensive dive services listings19 easy-to-read maps
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  • Wydawnictwo: Lonely Planet Publications