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Diving & Snorkeling Fiji 2e

Diving & Snorkeling Fiji 2e

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Countless reefs, walls and pinnacles painted in a patchwork of soft corals earned Fiji its reputation as the soft-coral capital of the world. The 332-island archipelago offers remote, pristine sites, thrilling drift dives and more than 1,000 tropical fish species. Feed hungry reef sharks at the Supermarket, pay a dental visit to cleaner shrimp or seek sanctuary in the sun-dappled Alacrity Rocks. From the snowy slopes of Great White Wall to the teeming depths of the E6 seamount, this book highlights 74 of Fiji&s best sites, with full-color photos throughout.You&ll get specific information on:Dive site topography and depth rangeTypical diving conditionsCommon and hazardous marine lifeTopside information, from dive resorts and live-aboards to Fijian culture and customs16 easy-to-read maps
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  • Wydawnictwo: Lonely Planet Publications