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Dramat - teatr 9. The Visual Seen and Unseen. Insights into

Dramat - teatr 9. The Visual Seen and Unseen. Insights into

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"Vision, Visuality, and Image in Context; Vision, Visuality and the Verbal Bias; Liberation from Scenography and Movement towards a Variously Defined Event; Word and image Contract and the Concept of Theatre; Avant-garde Contributions to the Visual Project; Abti-illusionism; Against Autonomy; Against Language and the Logic of the Conscious; Reconstructing the Concept of the Modern Visual Field: Vision, Spectator and Object; Playing with Perspective(s) in the Early Plays; The Collapse of Perspective and the Fall of the Cartesian Subject in Alberts Bridge; Striving to Restore the Collapsed Perspective: Enter a Free Man; Anti-retinality and Multiperspectivism in Artist Descending a Staircase;Multiperspectivism and Labyrinthine Patterning in Travesties; Denigration of Vision in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: Legitimation Crisis and the Field of Desire; Legitimation According to Lyotard; Does Hamlet Provide a Legitimating Grand Narrative? Hamlets Metanarrative and the Lyotardian petit récit; Lyotardian petit récit and the Stoppardian Predilection for Games; The Field of Desire; The Paranoid Eye and the Panoptic Eye and the Panoptic Eye of Surveillance; Generating Worlds in The Real Inspector Hound: From Epistemology to Ontology; Visuality According to Magritte: Resemblance and Similitude; The Panoptic Eye of Surveillance in Every Good Boy Deserves Favour; The Body and ther Hyperreal in the Theatrical Field of Vision: Jumpers; Influences; Triggering-off the Hyperreal; The Moon or the Cosmic Body; General Structure and Visual Complexity; Jumpers in the Moon; The Fantasy of Male and Female Bodies in the Field of Vision; The Circus Body and the Stripper; Body and New technologies of Vision: Corpse, Robot, Mannequin and Skin; Philosophical Coda; Visualizing Auto/Biography in the In"
  • ISSN: 8322925255
  • Ilość stron: 318 s., 168 x 238 mm
  • Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego