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E-Commerce Book

E-Commerce Book

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During the last year the highest highs and lowest lows have been experienced by businesses involved in electronic commerce. Most experts agree that this volatility has more to do with poor investment decisions and improper business planning than with the overall potential for electronic commerce. This new edition of the highly successful book continues to be an outstanding source of information for readers wanting to gain a broad understanding of electronic commerce. While most books focus on one area - sales and marketing, customer service, supply chain management, or e-commerce technology - this book gives the reader an overall understanding of the topic, then focuses on specifics such as customer service. In addition, this book covers e-commerce technology lingo that even a non-tech can understand. Furthermore, this is one of the first e-commerce books on the market in its second edition, which incorporates the lessons learned over the past two years.
  • Wydawnictwo: Academic Press