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Finance, First Edition has a broader scope and a greater emphasis on general principles than most other introductory-level texts in finance, which typically focus exclusively on corporate finance. The Preliminary Edition of this text has proven to be well suited for students of economics, law, and mathematics, as well as business executives seeking a solid understanding and overview of the entire field of finance.As represented on the cover art selected for this premier edition, there are three analytical pillars to finance - optimization over time (the analysis of intertemporal tradeoffs), asset valuation, and risk management (including portfolio theory). At the core of each of these pillars are a few basic laws and principles that apply across all of the topical subfields. Finance offers the Big Picture of resource allocation over time under conditions of uncertainty.A true introduction to the field of finance, with a broader scope and greater emphasis on general principles than the existing introductory texts. The acclaimed authors, Bodie and Merton, build their presentation upon the three pillars of finance - optimisation over time, asset valuation and risk management. Finance also encompresses all subfields of finance within a single unifying conceptional framework, and offers the big picture of resource allocation over time under conditions of uncertainty.
  • Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall