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Interesting Times

Interesting Times

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Rincewind the Wizzard [sic] never wanted an interesting life. Boredom suits him just fine! But when a carrier albatross arrives from the Counterweight Continent with an Urgent Request for a &Great Wizard,& Rincewind is called upon to &volunteer.& And so Rincewind finds himself transported to the endangered Empire of Hong, Sung, Fang, Tang, and McSweeney, where a new Emperor - and a Great Wizard! - are about to be chosen. In the Empire, swords are outlawed and only outlaws have swords. Luckily, one of the outlaws is Rincewind&s oldest (literally) friend, Cohen the Barbarian, the 95-year-old master of the oath-uttering and heroic butchery. Rincewind and Ghenghiz (Cohen&s first name) have other allies as well: an ant farm-powered computer named Hex, a fractal weather-making butterfly with mandelbrot wings, the dreaded Four Horsemen of the Common Cold (Sniffles, Chesty, Nostril, and Lack of Tissues), and a ferocious, if slow-moving army of six old men, the Silver Horde. Their mission is to either defend or destroy the Forbidden City of Hunghung. The instructions are not entirely clear...
  • Wydawnictwo: Harper Collins