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Kuchnia polska Mała wersja angielska

Kuchnia polska Mała wersja angielska

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Opis produktu

Tytuł:  Kuchnia polska Mała wersja angielska
 Wydawnictwo: EX LIBRIS
 Rok wydania: 2001
 Nr wydania: 1
 ISBN: 8388455443

Okładka: Twarda
 Liczba stron: 111
 Wymiary: 15x21cm

Opis: - for centuries Polish cuisine bad absorbed and adapted French, Italian, Lithuanian and Jewish dishes- oriental spices were alien to it, some foreign vegetables and fruits brought by Queen Bona to Poland were widely accepted, competing with the native favorites - cabbage, apples and pears- polisg cuisine still thrives and grows, as it simply everything Poles eat - in their home country and wherever they live around the world- Polish cuisine is an indispensable element of Polish culture and a marker of cultural and social development- it is spoken of mainly during traditional holidays and the meals associated with them, but every heart cherishes some favorite Polish dishes prepared by grandmother or mother for everyday meals
  • Ilość stron: 111
  • Wydawnictwo: Ex Libris Galeria Polskiej Książki