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Putting Buck Schirner together with Tracy&s& wisecracking, macho Minneapolis detectives, Leo and Gino, is a bang-up combination. Schirner&s dry, raspy performance is in perfect sync with the emotions of the veteran cops caught up in the search for what may be two serial killers. Why would anyone kill Morey Gilbert, loved by hundreds in the Twin Cities for his acts of kindness and generosity, a man who survived a concentration camp only to be shot down in his own yard in his 80s? This follow-up to MONKEEWRENCH, the well-received first book by collaborators Patricia Lambrecht and Traci Lambrecht [P.J. Tracy] brings back many of the same characters, as well as the miraculous software they&ve invented for solving cold cases. This book stands alone, as well, with many fun twists and turns along the way.
  • Ilość stron: 434
  • Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books
  • Format: 110 x 180