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Lonely Planet on Edge 1e

Lonely Planet on Edge 1e

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Travel is the basis of true adventure, and a thirst for adventure lies at the heart of the most memorable travel. Venturing where no one has ever gone before, pushing your body to its limits in the harshest natural environments, or having to adapt, physically and mentally, to the demands of an alien culture: such moments bring both ourselves and our world into focus like nothing else. Lonely Planet On the Edge follows the fortunes and misfortunes of the world&s best travel writers in jungles and on the seas, off the beaten track and even off the planet. On foot, on camel or on a sailing ship: Lonely Planet On the Edge will enthral you from start to finish.About the EditorCecil Kuhne is a Texas-based travel writer. He is the author of nine books on whitewater rafting,canoeing and kayaking, and he is a contributing editor to Canoe &, Kayak magazine. His articles on adventure travel appear regularly in the travel sections of the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and Boston Globe, among others.
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