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Loss of El Dorado

Loss of El Dorado

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A passionate and vivid recreation of the history of Trinidad The Loss of El Dorado exposes the barbaric cruelties of slavery and torture and their consequences on all strata of society - from the idealist to the reactionary - in a moving account which penetrates aspects of a complex society more often overlooked by professional historians. It is made up of two forgotten stories - the first being Walter Ralegh&s raid on Trinidad and South America in 1595 and ends with his return in 1617, paroled from Tower of London. The second story occurs nearly two hundred years later - the story of the British-sponsored attempt from the newly captured island of Trinidad to set going a revolution in the Spanish Empire. The author looks at what Ralegh left behind in the Caribbean. A brilliantly written narrative history of scandals, betrayal, colonization and forgotten lands - ideal for readers of general history and travel writing.