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Maximum Ride : The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride : The Angel Experiment

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Themes from Patterson&s popular adult titles When the Wind Blows and The Lake House waft through this YA thriller, the author&s first in the genre. Wood stars as Maximum Ride, 14-year-old leader of a band of kids who have escaped the lab where they were bred as 98 procent human and 2 procent bird (wings being a key component) and developed a variety of other-worldly talents. In Patterson&s unusual universe, Max and her young cohorts are soon forced to rescue one of their own-a girl named Angel-from a pack of mutant wolf-humans called Erasers. Wood nails Patterson&s often adult-beyond-their-years dialogue with a jaded tone. But the result of this pairing makes Max sound more off-putting than cool or intriguing. The listening experience is stalled in the starting gate, keeping the action-adventure earthbound rather than high-flying.
  • Wydawnictwo: Little Brown & Company
  • Format: 145 x 235