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On Field of Glory

On Field of Glory

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After the tremendous worldwide success of Sienkiewicz&s Trilogy (With Fire and Sword, The Deluge, Fire in the Steppe), the Nobel prize winner of 1905 set out to continue the story of Poland in the seventeenth century, choosing the glorious year 1683 as the focal point of his new trilogy. It was the year in which King John Sobieski III of Poland came to the rescue of Vienna and defeated the Turkish armies besieging it. It is against this background that Henryk Sienkiewicz sets his story of romance, adventure and intrigue, On the Field of Glory. Breathing with life, gusto and passion, On the Field of Glory is set in one of the most turbulent and critical periods of European history. Above it all is the story of tumultuous love between Anulka and Jacek, in what is the most lyrical of all Sienkiewicz love stories.