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Practical Introduction to Management Science

Practical Introduction to Management Science

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There are many ways in which scientific methods can be used to analyse and provide rational solutions to problems encountered in management decision-making. A Practical Introduction to Management Science 2e provides a general introduction to the field of management science, and gives a balanced view of the most widely used applications. The book shows how managers can use scientific ideas and methods to solve business problems and it describes a range of ideas that managers use.This text adopts a quantitative viewpoint, but deliberately avoids formal proofs and derivations, concentrating instead on applications rather than theory. The emphasis of the text is on the real world and it highlights the relevance of the subject, reinforcing the practical orientation with case studies and examples.Features new to this edition:· The text has been completely rewritten to make it clearer and easier to read. · The book has an even stronger emphasis on the applications of management science to the real world.· New topics such as dynamic programming and goal programming have been added.· Deterministic and probabilistic models are no longer broken in two. All material on a particular topic is now in one chapter.· More use of computers and computer packages.This text book is ideal for any student who is taking a first course in management science, assuming no previous knowledge of the subject.* coverage of decision making at both operational and strategic level* requires little previous mathematical knowledge* mathematical notation and jargon kept to a minimum* excellent pedagogy including chapter objectives, worked examples, case studies, case examples, problems, self-assessment questions, discussion questions and chapter reviews
  • Wydawnictwo: Addison Wesley Publishing Company