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Rainbow WC

Rainbow WC

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With an Introduction and Notes by Lionel Kelly, University of Reading In1915, Lawrence's frank representation of sexuality in The Rainbow caused afurore and the novel was seized by the police and banned almost as soon asit was published. Today it is recognised as one of the classic Englishnovels of the twentieth century. The Rainbow is about three generations ofthe Brangwen family of Nottinghamshire from the 1840s to the early years ofthe twentieth century. Within this framework Lawrence's essential concernis with the passional lives of his characters as he explores the pressuresthat determine their lives, using a religious symbolism in which the‘rainbow' of the title is his unifying motif. His primary focus ison the individual's struggle to growth and fulfilment within marriage andchanging social circumstances, a process shown to grow more difficultthrough the generations. Young Ursula Brangwen, whose story is continuedin Women in Love, is finally the central figure in Lawrence's anatomy ofthe confining structures of English social life and the impact ofindustrialisation and urbanisation on the human psyche
  • Wydawnictwo: Wordsworth Editions Limite