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Sex Lies & Videotape

Sex Lies & Videotape

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Like Michael Powell&s Peeping Tom, Steven Soderbergh&s Sex, Lies and Videotape presents us with a protagonist who can only connect with others through the lens of a camera. Graham is an enigmatic young man who returns to Baton Rouge from a long road trip, mildly irritating his old lawyer friend John and wholly intriguing John&s housebound wife Ann. John is conducting a sneaky and entirely sexual affair with Ann&s sister Cynthia. For her part, Ann has lost interest in sex, yet Graham&s obscurely charming eccentricity stirs something inside her--until she learns that he is functionally impotent and can manage arousal only with the help of a video camera and an agreeably loose-lipped female. Nevertheless, it&s the dragging into the open of Graham&s dirty little secret that causes all of these characters to confront their own veiled deceits and hypocrisies. Sex, Lies and Videotape won the Palme d&Or at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival, affirming the arrival of a distinctive new talent and signalling the start of a movement among young independent American film-makers opposed to the values and formats of the Hollywood system. Soderbergh&s script is an unerringly elegant, witty and literate study of contemporary perversity.