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Solomon Islands TSK 3e

Solomon Islands TSK 3e

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This comprehensive and practical guide to the Solomons is packed with advice for independent travellers of all budgets. Explore the archipelago&s 992 pristine islands, from large landmasses with rugged mountains and virgin forests to tiny, low-lying coral atolls encircling stunning lagoons. Stay in traditional leaf-house villages following kastom law and visit sacred skull shrines, caverns or thermal areas with the traditional owners.the only guide to the Solomons in Englishbackground on customs, ceremonies and traditional artcomprehensive information on ecology, flora and faunainvalubale tips on where to go diving, snorkelling, walking, mountain climbing and cavinginformation on a wide range of accommodation, from traditional villages to luxury resortsfull details on transport between islandspractical language section
  • Ilość stron: 272
  • Wydawnictwo: Lonely Planet Publications
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