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Special Effects

Special Effects

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Following the worldwide success of the first three titles in the series, Pro-Lighting has returned with three new titles focusing on the lighting set-ups of the world&s top professional photographers. Special Effects is the first of these new titles and explores the realm of photographic illusion. This is the world where the impossible not only becomes possible, but is event captured on film as proof. With over 50 first-class photographs Hick and Schultz explain the methods behind the lighting set-ups used to make the special effects convincing. This involved everything from mounting a light on a revolving set, to projecting an image onto a subject to give it new texture and from, to superimposing one or several images onto another. Whatever the technique, however, the ultimate success of the shot is always dependent on the accuracy and suitability of the lighting.Every photograph in Special Effects is accompanied by lighting diagrams, and several photographs have been selected and explained in greater detail to show exactly how the end result was arrived at.
  • Wydawnictwo: Rotovision