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The Eight - Katherine Neville

The Eight - Katherine Neville

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Catherine Velis is a financial computer expert in a boy&apos,s club. When set steps out of line, she&apos,s sent to Algiers as "punishment". She soon realises that she&apos,s really a pawn in a big chess game where the stakes are incredibly high. The other players in the game are also assigned to respective chess pieces, and the object is to uncover the secret encoded in the Montglane Chess Service, once owned by Charlemagne and possessing a potential for incredible power. As Catherine goes about her journey, the parallel path taken by Mireille de Remi, a young girl struggling to survive in the heart of the French Revolution, is also depicted. The climax in the story occurs when their paths intersect.
  • Wydawnictwo: Ballantine Books